Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nature Walk with Dog

San Elijo Lagoon

Photo-Op Views are not designed for visitors of Vida's stature, so we make-do posing on the edge of a bench.

She looks a little bit like the host of a nature show here. We had a nice visit, both finding the variety of water and shore birds equally interesting to watch.

Here she looks like she'd be right at home - just take off her gear (Vida carries her own poop bag dispenser on her harness - Eco-Dog!) and she turns into a wild dog. She was very intrigued with the smells here - a raised boardwalk through a very large thicket of Arroyo Willow.

Though this park has a lot of native medicinal plants, we can't harvest from them. We can learn their natural growing habits, which can only enrich our learning. The dogs, of course, are more interested in smelling the raccoons.

The trails at this lagoon provide dogs with plenty of olfactory and visual interest, right at trails edge. And the view for people ain't bad either.

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