Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's called a Nerve Sheath Tumor

We have a name for it now, the blob that Vida just got off her leg. It was a Nerve Sheath Tumor. It looks like the margins were good, and while there's a chance it could come back I'm not too worried (good news about this type is that it doesn't spread). Not unconcerned enough to stop the extra immune supplements and care, but it was immediately clear after the surgery that her energy was clear now.

I found some links for those of you who want to read more. I visited them, and saw that there are differing opinions, as there always is. 

An E-How Article
One from the National Canine Cancer Foundation
VetInfo - this site discusses that this type of cancer might be related to hemangiosarcoma, which is disheartening because that was the kind my dog Haley died from before I got Vida.

After researching it's clear that we're lucky that the tumor was on the outside of the leg, not buried within the tissue.

It's also clear that one should take these growths more seriously. I had assumed that it was a simple lipoma, something to ignore, something that all dogs get. I've learned that sometimes you need to do surgical interventions even if the growth isn't causing obvious problems. 

I think this will also be a lesson for our vets, who, like me, assumed it wasn't much to worry about. Ultimately it was resolved, which is a relief. I think that it was easy for me, who is not a vet, to assume it was nothing, but it is their job to give honest, strong opinions if they are concerned and have information that I need to make a decision. I hope that my dog's out of the ordinary cancers are teaching them too.

As a celebration, here's a photo of Vida with a puppy she might have to live with (hehe). He's only six weeks old in this photo (taken today). Hopefully this puppy can escape the cancer curse (he's raw weaned, no vaccs, hybrid - pretty good start!)
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