Friday, September 01, 2006

Travel Food

A road trip with raw food is tricky. Ease depends on your willingness to cut corners - nothing my dog can survive, I say. If you have some raw, some dehydrated, and a little dry and canned, it's no problem.

Now that even modest motels often have fridges in the rooms, you can do almost anything.

I bring a couple servings of raw food and cocoon them in a cooler. Anyone can feed at least a day and a half that way.

I have a little bit of Holistique kibble in a ziplock, and some small pop-top cans of merrick stew (yes, dog food). These are for those quick and late dinners.

If I can warm up some water I have Honest Kitchen.

I'm foregoing Oils on the drive, only bringing along my Wholistic Pet all-in-one pouch for supplementation. Once I get to my vacation destination I'll share my flax oil with her. Figure a month off of coconut oil is a good switch. We'll see, since I've been feeding it consistently since November (when I get back I'll switch off the wholistic pet for awhile).

Should only take 4 days from CA to NH.

Once I get there I should be able to get some prepared raw food. It's a bit of a drive, so I also have Honest Kitchen and some flaked grains, so I'm good to go.

It's odd trying to figure out how much one's dog eats in a month. Who really calculates that?

Of course I can't forget the chewies! Fish skins and bully stix!