Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Means Swimming for this Senior Dog

Vida may be 14 now, but she still gets her swims in during the summer. She's not the most enthusiastic swimmer, but the benefits are so great that I get her in there nonetheless. And with a beautiful setting like this.... much better than a chlorinated pool with a person controlling her every move and no walk-in option. 

She's not willing to swim as long each day, and I'm skipping days for her to have extra recovery time, but it really improves her carpal/tarsal arthritis and builds her hind-leg muscles nicely with the increased range of action swimming entails. 

As she ages she needs more accommodations, but that's my job, to watch and learn, and accept her limitations. 

Her favorite part of  swimming? Jumping into the backseat of our '89 toyota afterward to scrubrollscrub herself on the upholstery. Seriously, she gets so excited, it's her big reward.