Saturday, March 05, 2011

Spring Sprouts

Yep, simple. Sprouts. Add 'em to your dog's bowl and see what happens. 

Vida eats them, but usually dumps them out on the floor to finish with after she's cleaned the bowl, so your dog might do that too.

If your dog's never had sprouts before I would suggest offering a pinch of them as a treat. Nothing gets a dog's attention more than being handed something you just took out of the fridge.

If your dog isn't a veggie eater you can mix them into your meat, starting with a small amount.

I usually use red clover sprouts, sometimes alfalfa, but try whatever you like - the only thing more enticing than a food you've gotten out of the fridge is a food that you just ate yourself.

Springtime is the natural time to use sprouts. You'll often see dogs eating young grass this time of year, that's your hint. 

Start with sprouts, and move into spring detox foods next.