Thursday, December 21, 2017

Death and the Birth of Understanding

Today is the Winter Solstice.  It’s been a dark season and I’m looking forward to the days getting longer. Looking forward to what the sunlight will bring. My dog taught me that.

It’s been nine weeks since my mother died. She died at home, acting of her own free will to stop eating and take to her bed a mere five days before. I’ve been her caretaker for quite some time and the past year had become an almost non-stop stream of meals and errands and medical visits. Through it all Vida was by my side and by my mom’s side, her concern for us demonstrated by both worried pacing and happy distraction. I am proud to have been able to assist my mother toward her end as she wanted it. The only wish of hers that we could not quite fulfill was that she just be able to go to bed and simply go to sleep. 

It’s been nine days since my dog died. Vida made it through my mother’s death and certainly wished she could have helped me further along before succumbing herself, but the cancer returned and there was nothing we could do.