Sunday, November 26, 2006

Recent Meal - Just Stir!

Homemade flaked grain mix (quinoa, oat, spelt, maybe something else), poured hot water over it.

Tad of Honest Kitchen Preference (hot water again)

Coconut oil (the white chunk at the top)

Western Supreme Lamb (meat, organs, veg - great mix!)

Wholistic Pet Canine Complete

Animal Essentials Calcium (the other white splotches).

Animal Essentials Omega 3 Oil

The homemade grain mix is so easy if you have a health food store that has bulk and boxed grains and cereals. For a few bucks I have a big bag full that will last me a while (since it's a minor portion of a meal when I use it).

It's easy once you have the supplies. If you don't have a local store that carries it you can get most online.

The hard part is the organ meats. I love Western Supreme because, depending on the species, you can get parts like spleen and kidney, which aren't commonly available. You should use more than liver! Heart is excellent - halfway between muscle and organ, high in taurine, among other attributes. Remember, every part of the carcass has it's nutritional benefit.

While the Preference has calcium, I didn't use enough to cover the whole meal, so I included the calcium powder.

I worry less about developing deficiencies because I strive for variety, within which I balance as best I know how.