Saturday, February 25, 2017

Dog Care Is Self Care

Whew! It's been awhile. 

We're all busy aren't we? At least we feel busy. Distractions can seem to come from all sides, pulling  us away from thoughtful actions and peaceful feelings. 

These are the times that when asked to do something thoughtful for our dogs we may think to ourselves "oh yeah, I should do that tomorrow," or our good intentions and compelling ideas fade away as we rush to grocery shop and make dinner at the end of a work day.

When I get to feeling like that I try to think about how the situation may be effecting my well-being too. One of the blessings of having dogs as companions is that they remind us to get grounded and pay attention to what matters, and to let go of the other stuff for a little while. 

The wonderful thing is to rediscover how good it feels to do this.