Sunday, April 05, 2009

High Cost or Big Payoff?

When I talk with folks about feeding their dog raw or cooked fresh food diets, the issue of money always comes up. And of course everyone has to take their monetary situation into account when making decisions about groceries. However, the conversations can't simply be about the monthly food bill (Yes, dry food is less expensive per month than even the least expensive prepared raw diets). The cost vs. payoff equation is much more complicated than that.

These are some of the questions that come to my mind:

How many times a year does your dog need to go to the vet?

Are you medicating your dog for recurrent ear or urinary infections?

Are you buying expensive and toxic flea treatments?

Does your dog exhibit "allergy" symptoms that you buy tests and treatments for?

Is your dog's behavior off the charts, sending you to trainers with unwholesome techniques that promise a quick fix?

How long do you expect your dog to live?

(and by the way...) How much do you spend on prepared coffee daily?

All of these are part of the cost benefit ratio. If you're dog is healthy you save on vet bills. If you know how to prepare basic meals, supplements, and bodycare items you save money.

Heck, if you learn how to wash your own dog and trim their nails, you save money. Not to mention avoiding the insane anal gland squeezing "service" that is performed on dogs by groomers willy-nilly.

(sorry... got in the rant mode there for a sec...)

Putting a wee bit of thought and money in to your dog's diet shouldn't be seen as a waste. Isn't it worth having your dog with you a few more years? Isn't it worth having a companion that glows with health when they smile at you?

How great is it when fleas aren't even attracted to your dog! Yes, that's right - healthy animals attract fewer fleas. In the late summer I finally do find some fleas on my dog and whisk them away with a flea comb (to certain death in the soapy laundry sink). I believe the toxic pesticides are a much greater risk to me and my dog than a few summer fleas.

It's pretty simple (and cheap) to provide your pet with natural food, herbs, skin cleaners, body care (trims, massages), and exercise. Compassion is free!

Knowledge is free! If you're reading this post you have access to a vast array of information about dogs, natural health, species appropriate feeding, dog behavior, etc, etc.

You can learn how to care for this animal you've chosen to have with you. Because don't you want that animal to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life? If not, why do you have a dog? Really.