Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Herbs

Getting ready for the summer means packing for  road trip and shifting herbs. While Vida is on some other herbs for specific conditions, she also gets a tonic and nutritive formula that changes throughout the year. During the summer I usually simplify it a lot, and focus on nutrition, immune system, and adaptogenics.

Back in 2011 I blogged about her summer herb blend, and it's not too different really, just a difference in proportion due to her age and current particulars.

Astragalus: for strengthening Qi, providing energy while preventing Summer Heat, and in Western terms strengthening the immune system.

Reishi: Adaptogenic, immune balancing, good for the kidneys and lungs.

Chlorella: Nutritive!

Billbery: Antioxidant, good for the eyes in particular (and Vida has a recent condition in one of her eyes I'm hoping to at least stop progress on). This fruit is similar to blueberries so they have the benefits of all deep purple fruits.

Nettles: Nutritive, antihistamine. Pine pollen seems to be a bit of a problem for her and we're literally sleeping among pines, but the phenols are so good for us all. Have you read about forest bathing? We all know walks in the woods are relaxing, but they can actually improve your immune system.

My photo was a little blurry because making up her formula for the summer was just part of packing for the road. She also had her hotel bedroll packed up.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Vida Approves: learning to use earth energy through crystals & stones

In my last post I wrote about Vida and her request for gentler energetic healing. What she was really saying was "stop trying so hard," something that probably happens a lot to dogs when people are trying to offer love and healing. We humans often overdo it with dogs because we have such a hard time stopping and listening. Just being present is not something most of practice much. Slowing down our frame of reference for time and effect and simply allowing change to unfold at it's own pace.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Energy Healing: "soft like a child" says Vida

I witnessed an amazing scene with Vida today that just made me wonder - how much are we missing in our day to day interactions with our dogs?

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Dog wisdom: 15 for Vida's 15th

1. OM – meditate daily.

2. Sleep well – your body rejuvenates when you rest, and it just feels good.

3. Age is just a number – don't fall for the myth that sickness is part of growing old.

4. Never stop being curious – you'll be rewarded.

5. Eat your greens – plant medicine is the best medicine.

6. Take your work seriously – you can accomplish a lot by paying attention and sharing your expertise.

7. Be honest – straight talk means less confusion.

8. Get outside every day – walk, play, enjoy the scents and sights.

9. Don't get pulled into the drama – folks express aggression because of anxiety, respond calmly and compassionately and you'll both feel better.

10. Take a nap in the sun – lay down on the ground and let the planet heal you.

11. Say “hi” - the small joy of brightening someone's day will brighten yours.

12. Listen – even if you don't agree it might be important.

13. Don't be ashamed of what makes you happy – enjoy it!

14. Be patient – sometimes it takes folks awhile.

15. Be your own person – you're unique and perfect in this world.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Test Results: An eye opener about food

I got the results back on the Alternative Sensitivity Assessment for Vida and it has been very helpful. While it also covers environmental sensitivities (and there were some), the food category has given me the information I need to avoid instigating problems via diet. Here are the most common foods that came up "Yay" or "Nay" for her:

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Water, Part 2: Providing Love

I bought this beautiful bowl made by Tamara Mann at an arts event in the small town in New Hampshire where I spend my summers. 

I'd been thinking of getting Vida a new water bowl for some time as part of my goal of having her use only products I know are made ethically and without toxins.

I also wanted a bowl that reflected the beauty of the water that would go in it.

Does that seem odd? I mean, water is clear, almost invisible, you can barely discern it in the photo above. And it's not like the dog cares, right? Well, let's explore that.