Sunday, September 26, 2010

Post-Surgical Energy Seachange

Within two days of removing the growth on her leg the change in Vida's energy has been profound. Her energetic body has been released from a burden. 

She certainly didn't seem sick before, or bothered by it at all, no one would have seen her as weak or damaged.

Ever since having the tumor in her mouth resolved the growth on her leg got more attention. Very recently it seemed to be even more visible to people, though it hadn't gotten bigger. It was as if the energy blockage it represented was drawing attention. It was a point of turbulence.

Now, her shaved and stitched leg is being overlooked by most people. Not everyone, of course, but those that notice seem to be the ones to quickly feel sorry for her - a feeling she certainly doesn't share. Some folks who know her well simply didn't see it. It's as though the energy flow is now healthy, so it goes without notice as they focus on her overall presence.

Last night we went to a big event in Del Mar and she was so happy to be in the crowd of the dog-friendly event. In the beer garden she stood there taking up her rightful space, looking up towards peoples faces, smiling, fully participating. Dogs would be greeted accordingly as well, but she didn't see that it made a difference whether one was a dog or a person. The smile on her face was priceless.

I never knew that I would witness this seachange within days of the surgery. It really makes me think about all the dogs with various lumps, bumps, and growths that are left where they are. While surgery isn't without risk (or $$ cost), it may be something that should be considered more often.

I should get the biopsy report in a few days. With everything that's happened with her body I just assume that further vigilance will be warranted, the immune system food supplements and energy work will continue, and she'll continue to thrive and teach those around her more and more.
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