Saturday, October 16, 2010

"There's nothing wrong with me a couple of treats won't fix."

It's been three weeks since Vida's surgery. Check it out. If you look really close, you can just about make out the path of the scar. Except where the hair is growing over it. Yep, it's already receding into the forest of fur that's coming back (the brindle pattern helps camouflage it too, hehe).

She never licked the sutures, but has been taking care of the scar since they were taken out. She's doing her own scar massage once or twice a day, reducing adhesions, reorienting the energy flow.

I, on the other hand, stopped doing anything to it once the sutures came out.  All the healing has been fueled by her inner energy, which has been fueled by the usual raw foods, plus an array of immune-boosting supplements (detailed in past posts). The importance of those supplements can't be denied. You really do need more than raw food to do this kind of healing.

She used to get sullen when her cancer was brought up in conversation (I try to use her as an example of how a dog can do well in spite of a  cancer diagnosis). She's always hated the sad sympathy attitude from folks, but now she's starting to brush it off by showing off how NOT sick she is. Her energy is up, she looks years younger (yes, random folks have said that, it's not just me), and she doesn't want anyone's sympathy - except when treats are being withheld - she is a professional folks, you'd better watch out when she's giving you the Jackie Coogan act.
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