Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Current Feeding Regime

Since I make adjustments every so often, and am a big believer is seasonal and/or health related shifts in feeding, I post the current plan every so often.

As for the word "regime" in the title I use that tongue in cheek. It's a joking reflection on the fact that I, as everyone does, gets in a feeding habit with my dog. It's also a joking reference to deflect the idea that what I propose is what you should be doing. Every dog is different. I just like to offer what I am currently doing, with an explanation of why.

My current feeding plan could be titled "Winter Plan for Middle-Aged Dog Harboring Quiet Cancer Cells (which we want to keep that way!)."

Daily Plan split in 2 meals (explanations further down):
  • 12 oz (approx) pre-packaged raw food
  • 2 patties of freeze-dried Stella & Chewy's, rehydrated with hot water.
  • 1 tsp Health Force Green Mush
  • 1/2 tsp Organic Pet Superfood's Super Immunity (overly long name for a medicinal mushroom blend)
  • 1 tsp In Clover Connectin
  • 2 caps Antioxident from U.S. Animal (aka VetriScience)
  • Splash of Liquid Health K9 Glucosamine
  • 2 Tablespoons Iceland Pure Sardine/Anchovy Oil

Ok. here's the lowdown on this, for those of you working out your own dog's health plan:
  • I use pre-packaged raw food for ease of use, but anything I do can be done from scratch, the theory behind it doesn't change. I'm using low-veg blends - under 15%, mostly around 5%. I'm also using specific meats and formulas that are warming and/or phlegm clearing. So that means Natures Variety Venison in a big way, as well as their beef (gotta love the barter system - acupressure for food), and Primal Pheasant (a great phlegm clearing formula!). I've been sticking with these three for a while now.

  • The freeze-dried food rehydrated with hot water is a good way to warm the meal, not just in an actual sense, but in an energetic sense. And it being winter that's an important part of my meal planning. I've been using the S&C's Duck-Duck-Goose formula, which as all of that brand is only 4% veggie. Crumbles easy, smells great. I tried a whole meal of that one morning ('cause I hadn't thawed) and it seemed a little too energetically warm for her.

  • Green Mush is great way to get in those green-superfoods in a dense, reduced-carb fashion. It also includes CoQ-10 & enzymes. Vida is doing really well with this mix - I swear her vitality has increased. I don't follow the dosage suggestions they use because it seems very high (they also recommend feeding vegan, so that, on top of wanting to sell more, colors their view - still a great product though).

  • I've switched medicinal mushroom blends just this week, from NK-9 to this one (of the too long title). I actually found out about it on Twitter, and liked that it included a broad range of species, grown in the U.S. organically, and at a lower cost. Now if they could just make the stylish container easier to open. I've become a big believer in medicinal mushrooms for dealing with cancer (should've started them sooner, I guess).

  • The Connectin is a joint supplement that includes anti-inflammatory herbs. I like that it's in a powder form, and it does have a good mix of herbs. It's hard to tell what effect it's having, but of course that's often the case. After all, I was already using a joint supplement (that I'm still splashing in - Liquid Health, 'cause liquid absorbs so quickly).

  • The antioxidant is the one recommended by Dr. Weingardt.This would probably be the first supplement I'd drop from the list, because I have the idea that she's getting these nutrients in her other supplements. It does ensure that the nooks and crannies of those nutrients are covered, and doesn't cost much, so there's no harm in using it.

  • Gotta have the fish oil! I keep mine in the fridge, and I wonder why it's so thick. I really need to ask the company about this because shouldn't cold water fish oil still be clear and runny at this temperature? How would the fish survive if it turned sludgy like this? Hate to he suspicious, but in other oils I've used it's the plant oils that thicken, not the fish.

  • Yes, she gets treats. Bravo Beef Straps or Icelandic Fish Skins for chewies, and dried organ pieces from Bravo & Primal (venison lung puffs) in the treat jar.
I read this and I think that I really should be adding some of this to my diet, eh. The Green Mush should go in the morning smoothy (but would it ruin the choco taste?), and the mushrooms into my miso/flax oil. Of course I'm sitting here writing - now I really should go out on a lagoon walk!

Of course I need to do a shout-out to Dexter's Deli, where I work & buy all these products. If you're in the San Diego area I hope you support the store. We try to make it a good resource for information as well as quality products.

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