Sunday, February 08, 2009

Herbs... why the secret?

The more I learn about herbs, the more I wonder why they're so unknown these days.

Well, I don't wonder really. I know it's mostly to do with the marketing of pharmaceuticals.

Today I was doing some of my herb homework and was so excited to learn about the herbs that help with kennel cough. To read the descriptions of how they work (yes, the science!) fills me with confidence.

It also dismays me a little, because most people not only don't know about the herbal options, they don't have access to right herbs, much less advice on how to use them.

Health food stores these days do often carry a fair number of capsules and tinctures, but don't have information that is pet-specific, so you're kinda on your own.

Pet stores may carry some pet-specific products, but as someone who works in a pretty well-stocked store myself I can tell you that there are definite gaps in herb availability and knowledge.

I, for one, had no knowledge of the two herbs I just researched (part of my homework is putting together my own materia medica based on book research), and when I learned about them I really wondered why? To have herbs that will help coughs and lung congestion - who doesn't need that?

Coltsfoot? Elecampane? Do you know them?

Remember though, readers - herbs are not failsafe, nor are they all safe - please use your head!

And use your head to learn more for DIY care!
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