Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnival of Healing #178 - Animal Healing

Welcome to our edition of the Carnival of Healing, a weekly roundup of blog posts about healing, hosted by a different blog each week.

We're focusing this week on Animals!
I hope that by sharing this carnival widely I can encourage more animal practitioners to start their own blogs on animal wellness, particularly sharing with others about the different forms of holistic healing that are available. I hope you enjoy these blogs, and take part in the conversation by adding your comments to them.

I love Bridget Pilloud's writing. Her blog represents the best kind of blog, one you can relate to, be moved by, and learn something from. I always come away with something good. Honor The Now of Your Pet was the first blog post of hers I read, and one I'm so happy to share here. I can't tell you how often I urge pet owners to do just what Bridget explains here, but she does it much more eloquently than I have.

K9 Equine Therapy
is a new blog from the UK that has a great post about Why Do Animals Need Bodywork, and I'm so excited to share it because it talks about acupressure (Yay!). I do acupressure on dogs, and want to help share information about what a great healing modality it is. This particular article is about horses.

I also found this introductory post on bodywork for pets, with an interesting description of cranio-sacral therapy, which I've been curious about but never seen a good explanation of before.

Speaking of bodywork, Vida loves her chiropractor, Dr. Cheryl Ricketts-Mulvey. I see so many dogs that would benefit from chiropractic care I thought this post from Organic Pet Digest was a good introduction to chiropractic care. I also found an informative narrative on chiropractic care for dogs at blog4dogs which details the treatment of a tiny maltese.

My Life with Dogs is a brand new blog that posts useful introductions to a variety of holistic healing modalities for pets. They share their own experiences, as well as those of others. I look forward to reading more from them.

Reiki Furbabies has a wonderful post about the importance of recognizing how pets and their owners interact on an energetic level and can be helped with reiki.

Cats and Dogs Naturally is a blog dedicated to sharing their experiences with holistic pet care. This recent post about using Hawthorn for one of their cats with a heart condition is an example of the kind of personal post they specialize in. You'll see a great reference list along the right side if you're interested in learning more on your own.

While this post from Organic Family Circle doesn't go in to a lot of detail on allergies, it does give a thoughtful overview that most owners will find informative.

I do love this post about raw food for dogs for it's candor, but I especially like the photo (sensitive vegan's be warned) of little puppies chewing on raw meaty bones - those are gonna be some healthy dogs!

Detail is abundant in this post by an holistic vet on Kidney disease in pets. It's important to be informed about any health issue when it comes to your pets, so do your research!

Nadine Rosin has an informative post about the dangers of common commercial laundry products. I agree completely - I personally can't stand it when I have to use a laundromat and my clothes come out of the dryer "scented" (and I leave the place with a headache). I've been using Soapberries to wash my clothes for about a year now, and love them, and I know my dog appreciates them too.

In closing, I can't go without a link to
A Dog's Beach, a photo blog about one of our local dog beaches. I find that visiting dog beach is a complete Qi rejuvenator. And not just for me. The dogs love going there so much, being offleash, breathing the sea air. A visit to dog beach is as much a wellness treatment as anything else, am I right? So for those of you still stuck in snow, enjoy the photos.

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