Friday, September 26, 2008

Vida's 1st TCM Vet visit

The wait was worth it! Vida had her first visit with Dr. Weingardt today and he's exactly what we've been looking for in a vet, especially in terms of making sure this cancer doesn't show up again.

And I was totally geeking out on the TCM talk! Tongues, pulses, phlegm.... gimme more! I wanted to have him slow down so I could take notes and ask questions about it all, but of course the visit was to assess and take care of Vida, so I refocused on the purpose of the hour. (though I did get a copy of a great two-page food action and energetics chart... did I mention geeking out)

Vida was soooo nervous when we got there! It took her forever to get calm, despite the home-like atmosphere. She wasn't sure she believed us when we tried to assure her there would be no cutting or poking or narcotics. So much for the usual confident and calm demeanor.

So there are no plans for surgery. He thought that was extreme, especially considering the excellent condition of the site now. We're going to concentrate on food, supplements, and herbs (and my own bodywork on her) to clear stagnation and phlegm. He thinks phlegm is really the condition shown by this growth. It's exciting to talk to a vet that is really of the same mindset and perspective - it's a first for me. Her TCM assessment otherwise showed good strong chi, a little slippery aspect to the pulse, and a little softness at BL20 (spleen association point).
[I sure hope I'm remembering this correctly - blogging immediately helps]

So what's the plan now:

"Max's Formula" by Dr Xie of The Chi Institute, a chinese herbal blend to transform phlegm (in this case another way of picturing an anti-tumor blend). She's been on the Quantum Herbal A/T B/C for almost two months now, so it's time to let her rest from the strong blood cleansing herbs in the formula. She'll get this new formula for a month, then go back to the Quantum for two weeks, then back to Max's - then we'll see how she's looking and feeling.

Vetri-Science Cell Advance 880, an antioxident blend to bump up that aspect of her diet (this will be in addition to Wholistic Pet Canine Complete that she already get
s, which has a baseline of antioxidents).

Otherwise, it's continue with the NK-9, ensure she's getting enough Vitamin C (500 mg 2x daily) and Omega 3s (1000 mg 2x daily), and that she's getting foods that will move chi and transform phlegm (we'll see if she likes Primal's Pheasant Formula in the rotation, as it's veg mix has some).

I was going to switch from the Connectin to DGP for the anti-inflammatory herbs, but the fact that the DGP formula is "proprietary" (i.e. secret) makes it hard to compare. I've emailed the vet with the Connectin ingredients just to check.

OK! That's everything for now! Whew! Big report on the big day. Now back to feeding, observing, and thoughtful body work (I'll record some of that for the next vet visit).
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