Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Describe her personality." ..... umm.. let's see...

I ask this questions all the time and when it was asked of me I got a little stumped. You'd think it'd be easy, but you should consider preparing an answer when you visit a vet that uses traditional chinese medicine.

Questions about personality help form a picture of the animal constitutionally. I was suprised at the difficulty I had summarizing, and for the remainder of the day I revisited the questions and realized what I'd left out that would've been helpful.

The main thing I left out was her possessiveness. This will be mentioned on her next visit.

I described her as generally confident, friendly and adaptable, a good negotiator with other dogs, a little phobic at times, and a bit of a worrier.

I've always struggled with characterizing her overall - Wood? Metal? I think, as with my lack of acupressure work on her, this is a symptom of being too close to work properly. My emotions become enmeshed in the process, and in her response to the process.

That is something I'm determined to work on in the two months 'til the next vet visit. Guess I'll be doing some flower essences! I did start Vida on a new essence today - Goldenseal. This is mainly because of a couple of structural things going on, and how they relate energetically to the big picture. It should help clear energy pathways (according to the description), so I'm trying it out - for me too, just to see how it goes.
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