Friday, September 19, 2008

The Sun is Shining!

Monthly photo day. Don't her teeth look wonderful? And lovely gums (and spit bubbles, haha). A beautiful sunny day and a beautiful mouth, who could ask for more?

So the supplements are gaining, powder, tincture... stir, stir...

I got a list of immune boosting and chi moving foods during a teleclass on feeding for cancer and recently took a look at it. I thought I ought to do my own veggies in order to better control the amount and type, but then, lazy me, came across the profile of Primal's Pheasant diet and will try that for a taste test and hope she likes it as an addition to her diet. It's only 15% veggies and it contains some of the foods on the list, like ginger, blueberries, rosemary, mustard greens, spirulina, cilantro, squash, almonds....

How cool is that? And how easy! I know that the fruit and squash are sort of on the bad list of foods for cancer because you want to reduce sugars, but I think that with all the veggies that are mixed to total 15%, the amount of those is so small that I shouldn't worry about it.
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