Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Energy Healing: "soft like a child" says Vida

I witnessed an amazing scene with Vida today that just made me wonder - how much are we missing in our day to day interactions with our dogs?

My friend Paula Brown, a gifted animal communicator, was visiting me at Dexter's Deli to see about using The Wellness Room there for classes and we got to talking about Vida. Vida's been having some back pain, and I mentioned that the day before she'd refused my attempts to gently offer healing while we were at the beach (I was watching her walk and saw how tight she was). Paula reached down to scan her back from a few inches away and as soon as she passed over Vida's mid-back Vida jumped up from where she was laying down and walked away and into the store. 

A few minutes later Vida came back outside with a young girl trailing her. The girl (maybe 3 years old?) was very quiet and gentle with Vida, following her has Vida walked right up to us and stopped. The girl gently placed her hands on Vida's back. They stood there for a minute, the child gently moving her hands, barely touching Vida. 

She was just doing what felt natural to her, not trying to "do" anything. They hung out like this for several minutes; Vida would shift positions and take a few steps, the girl would follow. I really wish I'd gotten a photo!

We spoke with the girl's mom and told her how wonderful her daughter was with Vida. Paula explained that she had the same attachment to animals when she was young and that we thought her daughter could have a special gift, and to nurture her in this as she grew because she could be a wonderful natural healer.

We thought that Vida had brought the young girl to our attention so that we would see how wonderful her innate gift was. Well, it turns out she was also trying to teach us something more...

After Paula left the store she wrote me a quick email that Vida had given her a message as she left: 

"Soft like a child's...cut intensity in order to heal."

I think Vida brought the girl out so this lovely child could demonstrate to us what we needed to remember about working with animals

Often less is more. Healing can come from the gentlest touch, a child's hand.  Moving energy can be profound. 

Our dog's can teach us if we can tune in and listen with an open mind and open heart. Imagine how much we're missing! Our dogs are so patient with us as be blunder around with them. We're blessed to have them by our side.
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