Saturday, May 23, 2015

Vida Approves: learning to use earth energy through crystals & stones

In my last post I wrote about Vida and her request for gentler energetic healing. What she was really saying was "stop trying so hard," something that probably happens a lot to dogs when people are trying to offer love and healing. We humans often overdo it with dogs because we have such a hard time stopping and listening. Just being present is not something most of practice much. Slowing down our frame of reference for time and effect and simply allowing change to unfold at it's own pace.

Today I spent a little bit of time introducing Vida to what I learned last week in a crystal healing class taught by Brian Hornbeck

It was an introductory weekend of learning about a different stones and how to use them to help balance the chakras. On the last afternoon of class we got to practice on each other, assembling our table of stones to use and going through the routine Brian has found effective. 

While I'd been collecting various crystals, rough gems, and stones over the years it was not done in a planned way. The class gave me a better understanding of how to begin using them in my energetic healing work with dogs.

I only took a few stones outside with me, along with the lovely pendulum I bought at class. I didn't want to overwhelm Vida with too much this first time in part because I didn't want to get caught up in any ideas about what should happen (such as trying to go through the whole process we did in class  to consecutively work on all the chakras with an array of stones). 

Indeed, she didn't come over right away, she was suspicious that I was going to try to do something, and can you blame her. I told her I just wanted to introduce these stones to her and that I really appreciated her being willing to help me practice this gentle healing technique. I showed her the pendulum and the stones and let her smell them. She licked my hand. 

She stood sideways to me and I proceeded to use the pendulum to check her chakras. She didn't like that on the third eye chakra, but allowed the others. She interrupted me to turn and face away from me, so I skipped to her root chakra and found the energy to be weak. So I held a tibetan quartz to her spine between her pelvis and her tail. And I didn't try. I just let the stone do it's work. (yes, I had to remind myself to do that!) And she stood there for a minute, which is quite a long time for a dog to stand still while a person holds a stone on them! I then moved it up to her 2nd chakra (an area where her back goes out of alignment frequently) and she continued to stand still, giving out a big sighing breath. Then she felt she was done and stepped away, and lay down to stretch on her belly. 

From the pendulum response I really wanted to address her throat chakra, so I went back inside to get a piece of jade. I sat back down outside and asked her to come back and she did, standing facing me. I held the stone to the back of her neck, then changed to the front. I switched because she seemed less comfortable with this one, but she allowed me to continue for a minute before leaving me to scratch and shake and stretch and just hang out.

I put the rose quartz and the tibetan quartz in my hands and held them in my open palms and smiled at Vida. She looked at me, so I asked her to come over so I could thank her. She walked up to me, and sniffed each stone, and licked each hand, and looked me in the face (when I sit on the ground we're at each other's eye level). I said thank you. She licked me on the chin. I smiled. 

Then she got excited and started to chase her tail. I got up to get her running after a toy, and she passed the tossed toy and did three laps around the yard at top speed (well, 15 year old top speed, it's cute). 

I really feel that Vida gave her stamp of approval to my use of crystals as a method to work on the energetic body. It helps me sit back, remove my own desires from the picture a little, and let the subtle energy of the stones do their thing.

I think there will be some experimentation and improvisation in using stone with dogs. After all, they may not be interested in lying still with rocks all over them, haha! Today my dog didn't even lie down, but that was ok. I didn't have all the stone options I would probably want to have on hand, but that was ok.  I can use them off the body to promote healing energy around the dog, or use grounding stones under them while doing other work. I think it would be wonderful to use the chakra balancing methods I've learned for the benefit of the dog owners too - healing the team together.

I'm so grateful to have Vida here with me to help me understand how to be better at this work. She deserves to wear her Om collar!
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