Saturday, September 07, 2013

How I loved my dog this week

I loved my dog this week:by taking her in for a wellness check and blood test with her new holistic vet, Dr. Bausone. I was very impressed with his assessment skills and his perspective on her current condition made a lot of sense as he recommended a TCM herbal formula to build Kidney Qi and hopefully improve the stability of her skeleton (she hasn't been holding her chiropractic adjustments well this year). Her blood test results came back a few days later and she was picture perfect in that regard (she hasn't had a blood test for a few years, since her cancer treatment), including heartworm free (yes! I love to see the good results of my natural and safe prevention methods on that).

I loved my dog this week:
by changing plans to allow for the extreme heat we're experiencing here in San Diego. I left her home on outings she'd typically accompany me on, and I've not asked her to exercise much because it would raise her temperature. This heat means let your dog be a layabout!

I loved my dog this week:
as I watched her calmly continue to educate our new teen dog office-mate on the fact that Vida poses no threat to her person or possessions. No drama! Thank you Vida, for teaching me too.
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