Sunday, September 15, 2013

Batch O'Veg: easy prep for your dog's fresh meals

I'm just like you - I moan about finding time to make food for my dog. 

I feel like it took me all week to wake up, pay attention, and make time to grind up veggies, even though it doesn't take long to make a big batch that I can use for some time. I blame the design of food processors, haha! You have to take it apart to scoop out and refill several times, and then there's the clean up. Ok, ok, first world problems, right. It's really not that bad. 

Today I made 6 cups of densely nutritious veggies, and it was easy! It smelled so good while I was making it, so fresh and green, and I know my dog will have naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that will help support her body, improve her ability to naturally detoxify, fill her with yummy antioxidants, provide her with digestive support, and help keep her in balance with the season. 

What's on the menu?
  • Kale & Salad Burnett from my garden
  • Purslane & Cilantro from the farmer's market
  •  A small amount of Blueberries & one small Tomato
  • Broccoli & Cauliflower
  • Parlsey
  • Mixed baby greens & Broccoli "microgreens" (if you're like me you have trouble getting through those packages before it wilts, so why not share).
  • Dried Stinging Nettle leaf
  • Sweet Potato (the one item cooked before using)

I peeled, cut, and boiled the sweet potato separately in a small saucepan while I was pulping the rest; it's root that really should be cooked for dogs. It's a good addition at this Late Summer time of year to help balance the Earth Element. 

All the fresh veggies went into the food processor in batches, then into a big bowl for mixing. That's when I stirred in the dried nettles and mashed sweet potato.

Now that I had it ground up I need to save it in a convenient way. 

I used a half-cup measure to make portions, put them on a cookie sheet and froze them. Once they're done I put them all in a big ziplock bag, ready for adding to any recipe. 

I decided to freeze this batch in a measured amount  so I can document my proportions better in order to pass on advice to my clients that's easier to use.

So how did I use it?

I mixed one hunk (1/2 cup) in with two pounds of meat (1 lb meat, 1 lb meat/organ/veg - a Pat McKay formula), and 2 teaspoons of Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium. Minerals like calcium are more durable when heated than other types of vitamins, so it can be added right into the pan.

I cooked it lightly on the stove, this step took about ten minutes. I could've fed it to Vida raw, but the meat had been in the fridge for a few days already (remember my good intentions delayed), so I wanted to heat it enough to kill any bacteria that might've started multiplying. 

When I feed this I mix a few other things into the food like krill oil and medicinal supplements that either shouldn't be heated or need to have a more controlled dose per meal.

Best of all, I know exactly what my dog is eating! No mystery nuggets for my dog.

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