Monday, September 30, 2013

Bath Day for the Change of Season

When the season changes Vida's coat starts to feel scuzzy and smell dirty, and she rolls around and scratches more.... that means bath time!

We're changing from Late Summer to Autumn, so for a couple of weeks I expect to see her energetic balance wobble a little bit since she's older.

She hasn't had a typical bath in years. I rinse her with herbal tea, the ingredients vary for the season or just by what I have on hand.

This batch has a little lavender, neem, and comfrey leaf, several soap nuts, and a generous heap of rose petals (the roses have been sitting around my apothecary for far too long). 

A warm rinse on the patio this morning has her smelling wonderful and feeling more settled, with last season's energy gently rinsed off to make room for Autumn.
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