Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Packing List for the Traveling Dog

Food for the road

Supplements for the road

  • Mushroom Matrix MRM
  • Homemade Herb Blend
  • 3 different dropper bottles for her auto-sanguis therapy (that have to stay refrigerated,so... I bought a cooler that plugs into the car)
  • Stress Stopper flower essence from Spirit Essences (like Rescue Remedy)
Additional supplements for the 2 month destination

Miscellaneous supplies
  • Additional i.d. tag for the trip (says "traveling!" plus cell number) (she has a tag at the cabin with that info)
  • Mat/blanket (she has a bed at the cabin)
  • Horseblanket-style fleece jacket
  • Swim vest
  • Chuck-It
  • Two Turnups
  • Organic cotton plush toy (very important for the hotel, releases energy to shake it after a day of driving)
  • Small stainless bowl
  • Portable water bowl
  • Two Comfort-Flex harnesses
  • 10 foot Mendota lead
  • Two 6 foot Mendota leads
  • Water Loopie Sport
  • Nail tools
  • Tick and flea tools (Neem spray already at cabin)
  • Herbal Energetics Herbal 1st Aid Powder
  • Custom homeopathic remedy for bee allergy
  • Poop bags
  • Swim harness (old plain harness because I usually swim her at a boat launch and need to be able to grab her and display "control" if a boat comes)
  • Heartworm herbs (might use these if it seems they won't interfere with autosanguis)
  • Icelandic Fish Skin chews
  • Boulder Dog Food Company Dried Buffalo Heart Strips

I think that's everything!

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