Friday, June 10, 2011

Homotoxicology Gets Its Turn

Vida's cancer has indeed decided to express itself again, but my vet Keith Weingardt consulted with the surgeon (Dr Mullen) and oncologist (Dr Proulx) and all agreed that surgery would be futile and perhaps worsen thing by propelling the body to make more tumors. The thought is that by leaving them be (since they're not causing problems) they might prevent new ones from developing. 

I have mainstream options in my reserve arsenal if needed: prednisone, melphelan, or even radiation (that last one is really not something I plan to do again simply due to the expense), and will be speaking with Dr. Proulx in a few days about that.

I've opted to start Vida on a homotoxicology treatment known as autosanguis therapy. You're probably scratching your head right now, and I'll explain it a bit, but first enjoy this photo of Vida taken the day of her first treatment.

The Heel company has a concise explanation of of homotoxicology, here is a quote from Dr. Reckeweg, the "inventor" of this method, that came from a veterinary text (that my wonderful vet copied from so I'd understand the process), that explains the most central tenet of this method of healthcare:

"According to homotoxicology all of those processes, syndromes, and manifestations, which we designate as diseases, are the expression, thereof that the the body is combating poisons and that it wants to neutralize and excrete these poisons. The body either wins or loses the fight thereby. Those processes, which we designate as disease, are always biological, that is natural teliological processes, whcih serve poison defense and detoxification.
I sort of think of it as between homeopathy and herbs: the very low potencies may have remnants of the plant (or other type of material), whereas strict homeopathics contains no remnants accept the energetics. It also uses combinations that address different aspects of the body and it's current state, rather than trying to find one single remedy, as classical homeopathy does. It tends to have fewer side-effects.

I've linked to a PDF of a Table of Homotoxicosis that shows how diseases show the severity of invasion. In simplest terms, as you move to the right side the likelihood of full reversal lessens because it's embedded more deeply into the matrix of the body, the cells and dna.

OK, you may already be thinking this is crazy, so keep in mind that currently the ONLY thing wrong with my dog is that she has several small tumors, otherwise she's shipshape. Obviously these tumors are indicating that she's not really shipshape, but she's energetic, well fed, and puppyish for an eleven-year-old dog. She's in the best position to have this kind of treatment done, especially as we move in to her best time of year - Summer (the Fire season). 

The specific treatment we're doing is called auto-sanguis therapy. The name refers to the fact that a small amount of blood is returned to the body, along with a specific selection of remedies:
"This advanced form of treatment involves taking patient blood and mixing it with various antihomotoxic remedies, thereby exposing the cellular arm of the immune system to a mixture of biological therapy agents in tandem with the current antigens in dilution."
This is done successively, so that the first syringe get a few drops of blood directly, the second gets drops from the 1st syringe, the 3rd get drops from the 2nd, and the final mixture of them all is made into an oral remedy that I give at home through the summer twice a day.

These syringes are injected in order, one at a time, into specific acupoints. Each one is for a specific aspect: symptom, drainage/detox, organ, etc.

She had her injections at GV14, BL18, & L13 (eating dried duck meat treats the whole time). It all went quickly, everyone with her on floor level in the carpeted treatment room. Friendly and loving, just as it should be.

Vida actually had her first injection two days earlier, a catalyzing mixture (galium-heel, conenzyme comp.) injected at Governing Vessel 14.  I then got a detox/drainage remedy that I'll be using through the summer once a day.

As you can see from the photo this had no negative effect on her. She may have some side effects for a short period, they may even be emotional imbalances, but these normally pass quickly.

So this post has been the quick and dirty introduction. She gets one more round of injections before we leave town for the summer, than it's up to me to keep up the daily doses of drops (and keep them refrigerated during the drive across country). 

Coming up next: a rundown on how we've designed the rest of her supplements to support this process.
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