Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Photo Update - 2 weeks post (haste!)

[Sorry, but the photos for this post seem to have disappeared into the ether. Please continue on to the 5/11 post for photos ]

tumor area has gone down just a nudge, I think.
Meanwhile the burn area got larger. It came down around her chin a-ways on the right side
(The other side of her mouth wasn't as hard hit, I think they always aimed it at the right side of her mouth).

My, but it looks clean doesn't it!
Yesterday I took her swimming at dog beach in Del Mar - her first swim since all the treatment started. Clean and exercise your dog without breaking a sweat! Well the swim softened up all the scabs and gunk that had been accumulating and it came right off.

It's hard to see but there are hairs coming back already, so I feel confident that the hair will all
grow back eventually. The area she'll have the hardest time not scarring will probably be the front because her licking impacts that small area the most.

I'll find out in a week how she compares to other dogs in terms of burn effect. We may have lost the "least amount of side effects" prize with the area expansion this week, but I'm still applying the gel to speed healing.

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