Saturday, July 29, 2006

Still Hot, Now Muggy

I know, every place else in the U.S.A. has it worse than anything we can complain about here in coastal So Cal. Keep in mind, though, that our homes aren't well equipped for this sort of thing either. I don't have central air, air conditioning, or heat, and the insulation is a joke. I do have a fan though, which has been on all the time lately.

Today was fish day. Hey! It's Friday - how funny! Catholic meals for dogs! Fish is nice and cooling. Used Western Supreme - ground Tilapia with veggies, just add calcium (forgot in the morning).

The heat is fading a tiny bit, but in it's place is humidity. This means itchier dogs. This also means dogs exercising less. Sluggish digestion (from lack of exercise) adds to any lopsidedness in the system, bringing the itchies.

Luckily Vida is not too itchy this year due to, I believe, coconut oil in her diet.

She has had a gunky eye since yesterday - the day after her home alone day - she probably did some vigorous backyard hunting and shoved her face where it didn't belong. It's clearing up with some herbal eye drops.

I've got the fan swiveling so I can get some sitting at the computer. Vida's laying on the concrete floor right where she can get both passes as it turns.
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