Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Poor poorly pup

Not sure why, but poor pup is poorly. Much better today. Night before last she seemed a little disturbed during the night, but since she finds odd things to eat outside I thought that was it. Yesterday she had a raw-milk-soaked-rolled-grain breakfast. One the way to work she had a 10-15 minute reverse sneezing episode (while we're on the freeway). Got to work and gave her Five Flower. A half-hour later she puked a little breakfast with a couple spots of blood in it (!). She and I were both sick yesterday, me with a head cold, she with something making her nauseus. She didn't even want to drink, just flat-out refused. So we went home a little early from work, and lay around feeling crummy. Though I should say, when a kid came in the store she perked up.

So I fasted her the rest of the day. No more puking, normal bowels. Just fed her a few finger-servings of honey, got her to drink a few licks by the evening, plus an ice cube. I kept a close eye on her.

She definitely felt better this morning. She had a couple reverse sneezing bouts, but I kept them short so she wouldn't get queazy (imagine how you feel after a big coughing fit). Found out if you plug their nose they'll swallow, which relieves the irritation. Not sure why it's happening, there's no definite cause, and some types of dogs do it because of the shape of their head (all that wacky breeding). But an unusual bout can mean all sorts of thing. Fed her a light meal of Honest Kitchen Embark, with HK Preference, a little coconut oil, fish oil, and Wholistic Pet.

So when I got to work I got some Animals' Apawthecary Ol-Immune (olive leaf, ginseng, echinacea), to combat whatever it is - will give it with meals for the rest of the week. As the day went on she looked better and better, so I think we're on track. Had a normal size meal (same as breakfast). Will try to remember to give her a little dose of homeopathic detox tonight.

Very worrisome to have mystery problems in your dog!
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