Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Just cook it!

Some folks really get rule-bound as raw feeders. The trouble is dogs aren't always interested in your theories and beliefs. They want to eat dammit, and that stuff you put in the bowl is GROSS! Who cares if they ate it yesterday or last week, today it's getting dumped on the floor.

Yes, my dog Vida is going through a food phase. She did this last year for a couple months too. Yes, she throws food on the ground. Or she just looks at it, and then tastes it, and then backs away and looks at my like I'm trying to poison her.

The great thing is that 99% of the time I can solve the problem by throwing the food in a pan for a few minutes. This makes it smell totally different, but it really doesn't destroy much from a nutritional perspective. 

I just cook it a little, just until the color changes, and add just a bit of water and maybe coconut oil to the pan to keep it from sticking (because really, the one downside to this adaption is that I have to clean another damn pan). Let it cool before feeding and you're good to go.

The fact is that as she ages she may benefit from eating lightly cooked meals, especially in the winter. So if your dog turns up their nose at the raw stuff, just throw it in a pan, ok.
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