Sunday, November 04, 2012

Itchy Autumn: a skin rinse

We're having and Endless Summer Autumn here in San Diego. It seems like every dog is itchyitchyitchy, including Vida. Dogs with inhalant & contact allergies are particularly susceptible, but many dogs are struggling to adjust through this first half of Autumn. 

This season of the Metal Element really messes with a lot of dogs in Southern California, pointing out their weak Wei Qi. This protective Qi surrounds the body, and the Metal Element controls the skin, lungs & nose.... you see where I'm going with this? I just found this thoughtful post about moving through the seasons, and this season in particular, it's worth the read.

So today I decided to experiment with a skin rinse to "wash" my stinky, itchy dog with. 

Soap Nuts, Neem leaf, calendula and lavender blossoms.

Steeped & cooling.

Saponins from Soap Nuts froth when agitated.

Strained, the plant matter in the compost.
The collar is off, the squeeze-bottles ready.....

Not happy about it at all, especially not getting a towel
(I want it to soak in... that's right, no rinsing).

The amazing facility of dog fur to dry.

Vida smells soooo nice now, even though she made herself at home in the dirtiest spots in the yard after her rinse. No itching.....

If you're having problems adjusting to the season yourself, this post has some easy tips.

ADDENDUM: It's been three days and Vida's coat is still soft and lustrous. She's also become more energetic, and her back has become more balanced. So it seems like herbal rinse didn't just clean her skin, it also cleaned her energetic layer near the skin. Refreshing on many levels!

If you're in the San Diego area you can get this or a similar rinse directly from me. If you'd like to make your own you can buy the ingredients online at Mountain Rose Herbs (and yes, if you use this link I will get a percentage from MRH, so it's a nice way to say thanks for the blog).

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