Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year

[ok, not exactly a post about raw food, but I hope you see the connection]

This New Year day was really a great one because it was shared and simple, and not filled with angst or resolve.

We went to the beach in the afternoon to see a labyrinth etched in the sand by a local artist, Kirk Van Allyn. There were so many people there it was amazing, and a lot of them were decorating the labyrinth with colored sand, rocks, flowers, etc. Here is a photo of one of those decorations, and more here in an album on Facebook.

Looking down from the bluff you could see the tide already taking back some of the labyrinth, and at first I felt like I might have missed something, like were were late. But when we went down to the beach and walked around I could see that was completely the wrong assumption.

There was so much activity, and it was all so friendly and welcoming. People meeting and chatting, people of all ages collaborating on personal embellishments to the design. The labyrinth itself being added to. All the while people coming and going from the site, up the staircase or down the beach. The community was visiting this wonderful temporary artwork on this afternoon of renewal - and watching the ocean renew itself on the design (which of course included people surfing).

I guess it's hard to explain, but it was such a refreshing start to the year. No expectations, no angst, just the beautiful and simple process. In fact that was probably was made it so joyous - the very nature of it is how we should approach the new year - every day a renewal of energy and life.
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