Sunday, October 26, 2008

Everyday Herbs

These days I'm finding that herbs are becoming more and more a part of our daily life. Whether it's drinking tea, taking tinctures, or eating fresh and dried herbs, Vida and I are both benefiting from it. It feels like a more thoughtful way of taking care that is EASY!

This morning Vida had her usual cadre of herbs added to her food, while I squeezed some "Avena's Elixer" (an adaptogenic tincture) into my juice and took a couple of spoonfuls of a tasty "Rejuvenation Tonic" (who wouldn't, with a name like that!). I'm drinking herb teas more often (I love the ones I got from Jean's Greens, they're medicinal and they taste good!).

I admit to having a weakness for tasty prepared blends - so easy!

There are some great herbs that can be helpful to keep the system running more smoothly if we'd just take them on a regular basis. With our dogs we often forget that "vegetables" can and should include more than what is found in the typical American dinner salad.

We've got cultural amnesia when it comes to food, whether for our pet or ourselves. Most of us don't explore historical recipes that include foods that we now see only as "herbs". Heck, just think about dandelion greens - a green food that's great for our liver. I know, they can seem a little bitter, but I, for one, have realized that not only has my cooking repertoire atrophied, so has my palate.

My soup for tomorrow? Wild mushrooms and barley, with tempeh, kelp threads, and a little burdock root, plus of course carrots, garlic, and whatever spices seem to be a good taste fit. Maybe Vida will get a serving too!
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