Friday, October 10, 2008

Erratic Chi?

I think that the Chinese herbs for resolving Phlegm are working. The chi dispersing erratically, in a way. Skin is drying (itchy back), more frequent reverse sneezing episodes, behavior ranges amplified. I'm hoping this is just transitory, and a part of a shift as the Phlegm state dislodges.

She also starting spitting out the pills too, hmm....

I tried out some new food... that didn't go down so well.

She always loved Farmore brand raw bison food. Unfortunately the company seems to have gone belly up and the food isn't available anymore. So I decided to try Primal Buffalo Grind. I'd tried the Mix in the past, but she spit it out - this may have been the mustard greens in it, who knows. I tried the Grind this time because it has no veggies, so I could customize it (I thought the Mix had to many "sweets" in it).

I was surprised to learn that the food has very little
fibrous muscle tissue in it. The ingredient list is heart, liver, buffalo bone. I called the company and found out that the bone was neck bones, so there was some meat there, but by the looks of it when thawed didn't indicate any to me. It had no muscle structure to it at all.

Vida liked it and ate it, but within an hour she would be at the water bowl, drinking. Then, invariably, she'd throw that water up (along with a little bit of the food). For a couple of days she did OK when it was mixed with other food, but it happened again even when it was only part of the meal. She never had any trouble digesting it.

I definitely don't think there was anything "bad" about the food.I think it was just too "hot", and the water drinking was her way of trying to cool it down a bit. Now this is surprising to me because the species has never been that way for her in the past. Buffalo, while a red meat, is a pretty large, calm animal.

I think it's simply because it doesn't have enough fibrous muscle, so it ends up too heavy on organ meats. Heart is a funny one, half-way between a muscle and an organ. In this case I think they've really gotten the balance wrong. They don't advertise this food as complete, but I don't think they should play fast and loose with the muscle/organ ratio.

I could buy Bravo buffalo that's just muscle meat, and combine them (or combine the Bravo with Preference), but that ends up being a lot of food to deal with at once, and let's face it, kind of a hassle. There are other choices out there.

Oh, well. So much for buffalo as her favorite food.

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