Friday, December 14, 2007

Hot the Pot

Brrrr! Chilly weather requires warm food. For raw feeding there are easy ways to warm up a meal.

Add a little hot cereal. Just a spoonful is fine. This morning I did this by putting the dry cereal in the bowl on one side, and the ground up raw food on the other side, boiled up some water and poured it over the cereal, as well as over the raw food. This cooked the cereal and took the chill off the raw food (which of course had come from the refrigerator). I didn't have the food soupy, though, which would dilute the stomach juices too much.

Add supplements after warming, as some might be negatively effected by the hot water application.

(by "cereal" I mean flaked grains for making hot breakfast cereal for people, of whatever kind you and your dog prefer).

Can't add cereal? Just omit that step from the above description. It helps to chop in crevasses for the water to penetrate and warm up more surface area.

You can also just "hot the pot" by pouring hot water into the empty bowl to warm up the container, pouring off the water before adding the food. If I were doing it that way I would probably float the raw food container in hot water too.

When it's dry and cold out it's not a bad idea to add that little bit of warm water to the food, but experiment and see what works best for your dog.
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