Sunday, December 09, 2007

a chill in the air means time to warm the tummy

Even here in San Diego it's been chilly. Rain on the coast, snow in the mountains, and for us, cold temperatures. Just like people, I'm pretty sure animals acclimate to where they're living, and out here we feel cold.

Today Vida and I spent several hours outdoors with chilly temps and wind. I already "warmed up" her meat (in the chinese medicine sense) by switching to venison for the storms, but tonight I'll be doing half venison (raw brand: Nature's Variety), and half Honest Kitchen, with a bit of flaked grains (a home mix), so she'll get a warm (in the actual sense) dinner.

I was already adding warm veggies by using Honest Kitchen Preference - I like it because the process of preparing it makes it kinda like veggies from a freshly killed animal. Gross, maybe, but we are talking about feeding dogs.
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