Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Dog Treats

Provide your dog with nourishing snacks that can provide probiotics, enzymes, protein, and hydration. 

Cool them down with more than just water this summer.

Making ice cubes out of food makes this common snack even better.

Raw cultured goat milk is an amazing food. It's not only nourishing and hydrating, it's a source of probiotics, naturally occurring enzymes, and other important nutrients. It is important to use raw milk; pasteurization kills enzymes, including lactase, making it harder to digest.

If you get a product like the one made by Primal Pet Food you also get turmeric, ginger, & cinnamon, which is what makes it my favorite brand (+ their choice of probiotics are very effective).

You can also add freeze-dried meat or other tasty goodies before freezing

Hand these out as snacks. Use them for on-the-go hydration; you can let them thaw on a trip or even for an afternoon out walking. They can entice dogs who don't drink enough water. They're also good for ill dogs who aren't eating well.

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