Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Watching the dog: updates and clues

Vida enjoying a Labor Day Weekend party.
Seeing both the holistic vet and the chiropractor in the same week was a reassuring and educational summary of Vida's current health.

Neither of them could feel any evidence of the plasma cell tumor that was next to her spine, which is great confirmation to hear. All her surface tumors are gone too. Her vet hadn't expect such a good result so we had a very happy visit, and my only instructions were to keep doing what I'm doing. Needless to say she'll be staying on the Beta-Thym.

The interesting thing today was seeing where her spine was out of alignment, and comparing it to what I've seen in her physical movement and habits that would seem perfectly normal otherwise.

Recently I'd noticed her scratching her neck frequently. I found no scab or sore, and her lightweight rope collar is quite loose, so I couldn't understand why.... until the chiropractor said her neck was out of alignment.

For most of the summer I'd seen her lying down with her tail curled the "wrong way" under her, something she normally wouldn't tolerate. After watching her walk and seeing a slight tuck with a little side-to-side in her walk I concluded that she was doing it to stretch out the area between her pelvis and tail.... and the chiropractor said that she was out of alignment right around the pelvis.

The chiropractor showed me how to manipulate her tail at the base to stretch it, and said it helps the whole spinal column, an easy bodywork movement that any owner could do.

Dogs have amazing tolerance for back pain. I think all active dogs should get chiropractic adjustments. People would be amazed to see the difference, and would learn to see how their dog is meant to move and thus be able to see subtle changes that indicate a problem.

Vida's resting now, letting the adjustment sink in. I think we'll go to the beach today, as long as I can keep her from doing anything too strenuous. 

I'm so lucky to have such wonderful help for my dog's care!
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