Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Joy (& thoughts) on Seeing Tumor Reduction

Vida's new supplements seem to be doing their job and reducing the size of her surface tumors!

I noticed it yesterday, her muzzle tumor wasn't nearly as prominent - the same "acreage" but flatter. Today it was flatter still, and slightly smaller in its spread. The one on her hock was down by half.

I can't wait to see what else happens, though Vida is tired of inspections, so I'm trying not to check them too much.

Needless to say this bring such joy, after being discourage for much of the summer we've gotten the upper hand. She'll certainly be staying on these new supplements!

This also made me think about the process of examining and dealing with cancers.

Don't give up trying new things! Every cancer is different, and every dog is different. You don't know what will work best until you try it.

Supplements, packaged tablets and such, aren't my usual first choice. I have suspicions about whether I'm paying more for packaging than for what's in it. But sometimes you need special combinations, or a way to get a higher dose of a certain consituency than is viable with full plants. Cancer is serious, and you need to leave your preconceptions at the door.

The concept of inflammation is increasingly discussed about cancer. I think this is a key factor for Vida's cancer. Just looking at these surface tumors indicates that - skin that turns a purplish-red as it swells, swelling more during a heat wave, and the reduction in size from strong anti-inflammatories. Even when young she ran hot and dry.... a total picture points the way.

You can't let up! You have to keep up the level of care and be vigilant to changes. 

Glad to end my time in New Hampshire on a positive upswing!

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