Monday, August 16, 2010

La Vida Not So Fresca

Brace yourself.....

Vida's eating dry food.

Not 100% dry, but I finally came to the end of my rope shopping for reliable raw food.


The raw food she'd been eating kept making her throw up. Not like food poisoning, just a little "rebellious qi", random projectile meal puking (sometimes at the most inopportune moments, like in a gallery - yikes!).

I also think that the almost daily lake swimming was exacerbating some Phlegm (TCM version) while she was also warm, inside and outside weren't always matching, all that.

And I couldn't get alternatives that would work for her, either she's got a sensitivity to the meat (the ubiquitous chicken), or it's a formulation that doesn't agree with her.

And I can only spend so much on freeze-dried or dehydrated food. That stuff is expensive! I was trying to save my Stella's for the drive home because it's so pricey and the local store overprices it on top of that.

I did order some Addiction dehydrated food that is pretty cool. I'd never seen it before, so I thought I'd take a chance. I got the New Zealand Forest Delicacies that is 48% meat (Brushtail, an invasive species in New Zealand, and Venison), and I've mainly been mixing it with other food (again, the price, though better than the other options, is still a little too much for 100% feeding). It smells good, and mixes easily.

So what dry food did I get? It might surprise you. Solid Gold Holistique Blendz

Huh? Not a high-protein, no-grain food? Nope. 

You see, when I look at those little biscuity bits of dry food, I feel more comfortable with one that is made up mostly of stuff that is easily transformed into dry biscuity bits, and worries me less about where it's from and how it's processed. She's always been fine with it in the past, so I knew it was a safe choice.

The one ingredient that does give me a little concern is the "ocean fish meal" because while the label says "no added synthetic preservatives" it doesn't state that the fish meal itself "clean." You see, they only have to list the ingredients they add, so if it comes pre-mixed with a preservative they don't have to list it. Crazy, eh! Good to know.

This food is pretty low protein, so I do add either some dehydrated, or some meat (the troublesome raw I still have left is being used in small portions so I don't waste it). It's only a four pound bag, but it looks like soooo much to me, haha! 

The nice thing is that it's not expensive, I can use it on the trip, and, best of all, she's not throwing up!

Once I get back to San Diego we'll be luxuriating in a plethora of choices at Dexter's.

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